20 Years - A new landmark of COFIDEC


   Coastal Fisheries Development Corportion was founded in 1987, specialized in processing and manufacturing of aquatic, agricultural products for export and domestic consumption. 25 years of  development process with very difficult time but according to Mr Ho Phuoc Hai, Cofidec Director: "The support of the Saigon Trading Group (SATRA) in vital moments with  efforts of the collective staff and workers  helped Cofidec overcome the most difficult stage to develop and stably as current ".

   2005 was the turning point of Cofidec important in shifting from crude to refined products and processed products of high added value, such as sushi, tempura shrimp, tomato stuffed ... is difficult markets like Japan welcomed ring. From an enterprise specializing in export of agricultural raw seafood, Cofidec today become one of Vietnam enterprises specialized in processing export products. The new plant went into operation early in 2016 will increase capacity to 8,000 tonnes / year, is a new turning point in the expansion of Cofidec market. Modern machinery and new technology process, enable Cofidec set expectations for the diversification of products, produce large quantities of processed products specific to the stable quality.


    The situation in the world and the region in 2016 is expected to still potentially unpredictable, some major difficulties may persist going strong impact on the domestic

will make it difficult for the introduction of price and market expansion, while the quality of raw materials of agricultural and fishery unstable, depending on weather, season breast

 With such happenings, Mr Hai said, Cofidec oriented production and business development on the basis of the operation of new plants to boost farm products - seafood processing for export; Product diversification and research bringing new products to market with stable quality. Besides constantly innovate technology, improve management and administration, improving human resources. Business strategy phase will focus on both the export market and domestic.


   Mr. Hai reviews that  potential and opportunities for development of agricultural sector, fisheries and processed food is great. Cofidec oriented Japan is a key market with around 60% of turnover; Other Asian markets, the Middle East and Australia 20%; US and Canada 10%; Europe 10%. Market-oriented and client-based export development for the period 2016-2020.

  1987: Coastal Fisheries Development Corporation (Cofidec) was established, formerly Seafoods Joint Venture Duyen Hai Co.,  the main activities of import and export and aquaculture.
1993: Cofidec transformed into enterprises with 100% state capital.
  2007: Cofidec issue Decesion No. 2173/QD-TTG approve Cofidec belong to Satra official.
  5.2011: HCMC People's Committee issued Decision 2318 / QD Committee formally merged into SATRA Cofidec.
  8.2011: SATRA issued Decision 566 / QDHDTV-TCT established branch Coastal Fisheries Development Corporation belongs to Satra . The story of the revival began when SATRA resolutely restructure the company, starting from the reset of the mirror.
  2013: SATRA buy Viet Nhat Factory to hand over Cofidec.
10.2014: SATRA started building a new factory for Cofidec in Vinh Loc Industrial Zone, is expected to commence on January, 2016.

Production organization: Focus control of production and quality of export products, research and application of preservation technologies, from raw materials to finished.

Investment: Modernization of production, investment high technology equipment, saving fuel to reduce cost price, reduce labor and increase productivity. IT applications to streamline and increase operation efficiency.

Market: Also try the traditional export markets and developed into ASEAN, Middle East, Europe, America, Australia ... and expand the domestic market through the distribution channels of SATRA.

Materials: Development modeled closely associated with key provinces like Lam Dong, An Giang, Dong Thap ... to build regional horticulture. Balancing supply and demand reasonable forecast annual breeding material to store materials in time at low cost in order to prepare for the season. Strengthen the quality control of agricultural raw materials - fisheries; research methods and means of preserving the investment reserves of raw materials to reduce failure rates in high season.

Traceability: Adhere to the principle implemented traceability and product recall does not guarantee quality; establish traceability systems on the principle one step ahead - the steps to ensure the ability to identify, trace products through the stages of the process of production, processing and distribution; sample storage, for each product code.

Marketing strategy: Perform synchronization policies, pricing and distribution channels. Oriented product development as send samples to the customers, promoting the website, catalogs, innovative designs to adapt to customer tastes.

Pricing policy: Development of new products  along with the appropriate price policy to create a solid foothold in the market for the product, with pricing strategies and market segmentation flexible price policy market spare. Having discount policy and commission accordingly to stimulate importers.

Distribution policy: in the domestic market, bring products to users through the wholesale and retail distribution channels, link consumers with supermarket chains Satrafoods, Satramart and market segments for each zone in the city .HCM and provinces.

Overseas markets: focusing on promoting products through traditional customer channels, media channels, websites, exhibitions ... Studying the volatility of each market to plan distributed accordingly. For large markets with needs assessment plan both short and long term, thereby determining consumption.


    The new plant will go into operation in 2016 will bring the production capacity of COFIDEC doubled, create opportunities to expand market, innovation resources, diversification of products and reduce costs to increase competitiveness .


Other news
"On July 17, 2018, THE COASTAL FISHERIES DEVELOPMENT CORPORATION (Cofidec) has solemnly celebrated the 31st years of COFIDEC establishment anniversary with the theme" COFIDEC – “ SAIL OUTREACHING TO THE FUTURE ".  

In the morning of November 15, 2017, Vietnam Foodexpo 2017 was officially opened at the Exhibition Center of Saigon, Ho Chi Minh City.

An issue of great importance - also a challenge for COFIDEC to tackle - is market development, joining hands with strategic partners to expand the outlet and establish stable raw material sources to ensure maximal production so as to increase productivity and ensure revenue and profit.