On the day of 07.01.2016 Coastal Fisheries Development Corporation (COFIDEC) held 2015 CONFERENCE SUMMARY OF BUSINESS OPERATIONS for the purpose of summarizing the achievements of 2015 and reviews exists to continue efforts to strive to achieve new successes in the year of  2016.

   Attending the meeting, COFIDEC was honoured with the  presence of Leadership of Saigon Trading Group (SATRA) include:

     - Mr.Tran Thanh Nam - Deputy General Director of Saigon Trading Group.

    - Mr.Truong Van Ron - Members of the Board Members, Director of Planning and Investment Finance.

    - Representatives of  leaders of the Supervisory  Committee , Trade Unions and representatives of departments of SATRA GROUP.

   On the side of COFIDEC include: Mr. Ho Phuoc Hai - Director, Ms. Nguyen Thi Tu Uyen - Deputy Director, Mr. Doan Van Nam - Deputy Director and the whole employees.

   Customer representatives have Higashimaru (Japan) in Vietnam and its partners have long-term business cooperation with COFIDEC in recent years.

   In conference, Management Committee of Cofidec reported Summary of  production and business activities in 2015 and plans for 2016.

   Board of management of SATRA has suggested and directed COFIDEC implementing the production and business tasks in the new year. Leaders of COfidec sincerely collect comments and thanks for the interest of Satra Group for  COFIDEC in the recent years.

   Besides, Board of leaders also expressed gratitude and to thank to our customers and partners for their support and long-term cooperation with COFIDEC. On behalf of clients and partners present in the conference,  Higashimaru Japanese representative expressed the feelings and sent the deep thankfulness to the Board of Directors of the Company of Saigon Trading Group and wish for the sustainable  business cooperation.

   With the presence of more than 900 employees at the ceremony, Mr Ho Phuoc Hai -Directors of COFIDEC grateful to the feelings and the closeness of the whole staff - employees did work closely with Company completed the tasks, production and business plans in 2015 and look forward to the whole staff - employees continued to commitment and solidarity with the Company to achieve more successes in the future.

   During the annual review, Company organized the "lucky draw" for prizes worth a total prize value of more than 100 million with 378 awards to express the interest and to encourage positive morale of all employees in the past year.

   The program takes place with lively atmosphere was really attractive and received the strong response of the whole staff - employees of the Company, creating an intimate meeting spaces and playful, warm between Leaders with the whole staff - employees of the company. The conference ended successfully, has made the excitement of all the employees.



The  New Year’s gifts from Trade Unions to staff.


Workers received 30 second prizes.


Workers received 07 first prizes.


The lucky couple won the “Special prize”.


There are also many other attractive prizes makes air Conference thrill and excitement.


Other news
"On July 17, 2018, THE COASTAL FISHERIES DEVELOPMENT CORPORATION (Cofidec) has solemnly celebrated the 31st years of COFIDEC establishment anniversary with the theme" COFIDEC – “ SAIL OUTREACHING TO THE FUTURE ".  

In the morning of November 15, 2017, Vietnam Foodexpo 2017 was officially opened at the Exhibition Center of Saigon, Ho Chi Minh City.

An issue of great importance - also a challenge for COFIDEC to tackle - is market development, joining hands with strategic partners to expand the outlet and establish stable raw material sources to ensure maximal production so as to increase productivity and ensure revenue and profit.