Cofidec has welcomed the Japanese delegation to work and visit the production site

   On March 1, 2017, Coastal Fisheries Development Corporation (Cofidec) has welcomed the Japanese delegation to work and visit the production site of the Cofidec.

   Being a company specialized in foods processing and export, a large – scale  and a major supplier of agricultural and aquatic products processed in Japan, Cofidec is honored to be a well-respected provider in Vietnam whom Toyota Tsusho is one of Cofidec's longtime customers, Kyoka Foods, the third-largest distributor of frozen foods in Japan, Nisshoku is a wholesaler to sell directly to the consumers in Japan, has assigned as place to take the Japanese delegation of 43 representatives of companies who is Nisshoku’s customers visiting and working.

   Welcoming the Japanese delegation included Cofidec’s Board of Director, managers and many employees of the company. The Japanese delegation, The representative is Mr.Nakashima - Nisshoku Senior Manager and Mr. Morota - President is representative of  Nisshoku’s customers.

   Mr. Ho Phuoc Hai - Director of Cofidec Company has introduced the company profile of Satra, Cofidec's operation and the image and equipment of modern export food processing factory has just put into operation.

   Also in the working session, the delegation has organized to see the factory, the operating of the fried eggplant random production line which is selling to the Japanese market. At the same time the delegation also were seen many stages of production with modern equipment and machinery capable of meeting the quality standards for exporting.


   After visiting the factory, the representatives of customer was tasted the products of agricultural products, seafood and processed fruits which are the typical products of Cofidec.

   After the process of working out information about the company as well as visit the actual factory, trying the samples, the delegation is very satisfied about the enthusiastic and thoughtful preparation and reception of Cofidec’s the leaders and personnel.

   Through the received information, the delegation who directly distribute Cofidec’s products to Japanese consumers are more satisfied with the quality of products, more confident about food safety and hygiene as well about the ability to supply of Cofidec. Mr. Morota, Nisshoku's customer representatives said, "Thanks to Cofidec, although being busy, Cofidec took your time to arrange for us and our dealers to visit your processing. Thanks Cofidec for providing safe and high quality products. Cofidec has equipped new plant, modern machinery and equipment, trained staff well, managed strictly pesticide, and selected good raw materials to produce quality and safe products. "

   During this trip to Vietnam, Nisshoku Company has held a conference in Vietnam and on this occasion, they invited Cofidec to attend as a representative of 15 Vietnamese companies providing frozen food to the Japan market.

   The meeting ended successfully, and the two sides have great promises for cooperation, sustainable development and future trade expansion.

Other news
"On July 17, 2018, THE COASTAL FISHERIES DEVELOPMENT CORPORATION (Cofidec) has solemnly celebrated the 31st years of COFIDEC establishment anniversary with the theme" COFIDEC – “ SAIL OUTREACHING TO THE FUTURE ".  

In the morning of November 15, 2017, Vietnam Foodexpo 2017 was officially opened at the Exhibition Center of Saigon, Ho Chi Minh City.

An issue of great importance - also a challenge for COFIDEC to tackle - is market development, joining hands with strategic partners to expand the outlet and establish stable raw material sources to ensure maximal production so as to increase productivity and ensure revenue and profit.