More than 25 years standing in the marketplace manufacturing and exporting of Agriculture – Fisheries

     Vietnam, a tropical country, with abundant vegetation, long coastline, rich and diversity agricultural products, is the favorable conditions for the development of agricultural production and high quality aquaculture products , provides the main material for the processing industry commodities Agriculture - Fisheries. Seizing the advantage there, on July 17th,1987, Cofidec was established with 100% state-owned specialized  in producing and processing aquatic products for export. Currently, Cofidec is branch belongs to Saigon Trading Group – SATRA.

     By developing the right strategy and the selected staff to effectively exploit abundant material resources, Cofidec increasingly asserted its position in the marketplace. Currently, Cofidec becomes the prestigious brands in the field of export of agricultural products - Seafood processing, conquered many customers around the world, especially East Asian market demands high requirements on quality of goods.

Bearing responsibility for thousands of employees working at the company, as well as farmers in the farming area of materials, Cofidec strives  to develop business and expande international markets and domestic. Aims to build Cofidec growing,  leadership Saigon Trading Group - SATRA, was more interested in building a new factory in Vinh Loc Industrial Park with modern equipment, will be put into operation in early 2016. Besides, Cofidec will unremitting efforts, innovation management executive, arrange the organizational structure, the employees rational science, to increase labor productivity, efficiency performance and supply in domestic and international market more products and higher quality ever.

   In the future, Cofidec will strive to become the main unit of Saigon Trading Group -SATRA on agricultural export processed fish targeted in 2016 the plant will produce 4,500 tons of product exports aquatic farm types, export turnover reached US $ 20 million. The next years when Vinh Loc Factory operations will produce stable production reached capacity of 8,000 tons / year, export value of over 40 million USD Cofidec.


Other news
"On July 17, 2018, THE COASTAL FISHERIES DEVELOPMENT CORPORATION (Cofidec) has solemnly celebrated the 31st years of COFIDEC establishment anniversary with the theme" COFIDEC – “ SAIL OUTREACHING TO THE FUTURE ".  

In the morning of November 15, 2017, Vietnam Foodexpo 2017 was officially opened at the Exhibition Center of Saigon, Ho Chi Minh City.

An issue of great importance - also a challenge for COFIDEC to tackle - is market development, joining hands with strategic partners to expand the outlet and establish stable raw material sources to ensure maximal production so as to increase productivity and ensure revenue and profit.